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Voices End Abruptly...

...but in this scarlet house of sin, does he ever hear the temple bells?

The Big Galoot
Tell me your stories. Friends only. No peeking.


" 'Well, mind and hold tight by my shaggy coat, and then there's nothing to fear,' said the bear..."
- P. C. Asbjornsen, East of the Sun and West of the Moon


Not merely mp3 or optically motivated...

Yes, Vinyl. Chromium Dioxide, too. Wax and Shellac, even.

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I'm a member on Diabetic Connect

Big Galoot - steering impressionable people
away from true science for nigh on 25 years. ;-)

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4ad, 78 rpm, abraham benrubi, accelera deck, adbusters, alfred hitchcock, ambient music, american chopper, amusement parks, andy warhol, apocalyptic literature, architecture, audio collage, audio equipment, avant-garde, b-movies, bad movies, bananafish, bauhaus, beards, bears, bertoia, bill goldberg, bluto, body hair, breakbeat, burnt hair, cell phones, city centre offices, construction workers, contemporary art, counterculture, design, digital photography, diners, dogma, doo wop music, downtempo music, drum & bass, dugout, eames, elbow grease, electronic music, electronica, existentialism, experimental music, facial hair, false positive, fellini, firefighters, firemen, folkways, foreign films, foreign languages, frank lloyd wright, fringe culture, futurism, geek culture, giorgio moroder, giorno poetry systems, godspeed you! black emperor, graphic design, greasy spoons, great pyrenees, hairy guys, hairy men, hirsuteness, human rights campaign, husky guys, idm, illuminati, independent film, industrial design, industrial music, italian cooking, james gandolfini, joemygod, joey fatone, john cage, john goodman, john waters, johnny mathis, joost swarte, jukebox heart, jukeboxes, kanji, mapplethorpe, marines, martha and the muffins, meryn cadell, minidisc, minimalism, minimalist techno, morr music, musclebears, musique concret, new york, no commercial potential, noise, noise as music, nurse with wound, nyc subway mosaics, one hit wonders, patrick warburton, pattern recognition, paulcollegio.net, percussion, peterkin papers, photography, poetry, post-postbear, postbear, postwar blues, powerlifters, powerlifting, reconaissance & surveillance, record collecting, roller coasters, sculpture, sevcom, short films, shotput, sicily, sleazy motels, spoken word, static and interference, strongman competitions, surrealism, the birthday party, the sopranos, the wire, thevideobeat.com, thrift stores, touch records, toytronic, truckers, turntablism, twilight zone, twin peaks, typography, urban decay, urban renewal, used record shops, vernacular design, warhol, web design, will & grace, working out, wrestling, wzbc